Yesterday, at Poetry Tuesday, we had Ramya Pandyan aka Idea Smith as our featured performer of the evening. Though I’ve known Ramya for some time now and have been religiously following her blog, this was the first time I had seen her perform poetry. And OMG! It was absolutely mind blowing. Today’s poem is about her performance yesterday.

Idea Smith


Yesterday my soul was sore

So I went to the meet,

To hear the other poets speak

Hoping it would soothe my soul.

And there she was,

A waif of a girl

Who refused to be labelled.

She started to speak

And her words entered

Every part of my soul.

Filled my mind,

My heart

Became mine.

Tugged at thoughts long buried

Pulling feelings I’d chosen to hide

The poem built in crescendo

Pulling me into the words

Till it exploded all over me

Showering me with emotions

As I delighted in what I had heard.



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