My muse and me or why I did not write today.

I finally sat down in front of my computer with my plate of food. I was tired and felt I really deserved some me time. But before I could log into Prime Video for my daily dose of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, a tiny voice piped up, “Where have you been? I have been waiting for you all day.”

I groaned as I recognised the voice of my muse. She is a tiny little thing really, frail and sweet, made up of all the lovely comments that people post on my blog and their expectations of another story from me.

“So where were you?” she insisted. “Why didn’t you write today?”

“Ah…Ummm. “

Actually I had a lot of good reasons why I had not penned down a single word that day, so why was I ahhing and uming? I pulled myself up to my full height and glared at her. “Didn’t you see how busy I was?” I asked sarcastically.

“First of all, the maid had not come so I had to do the dishes. Now I really could not leave them in the sink. And of course I had to scrub every crevice in the plates and the back of the spoons and the folds in the glasses. Didn’t you see how the maid had not cleaned them at all? Now see how nice and sparkling everything is.” (I said nothing of the fact that all the other days I was perfectly happy with letting the maid do the dishes any way she wanted.)

“But after that you were free to write, no?” she persisted.

“After that there was this whole discussion on Whatsapp on why we never manage to do the things we really want to. The topic was so interesting and there was so much sharing and support happening. I couldn’t leave the conversation now, could I?”


“And after that”, I continued fiercely, not giving her a chance to talk, (she does tend to nag if you give her a chance), “I had to complete reading that Mills & Boons that I had started last night; the one I fell asleep reading. And as soon as I finished reading it, I nodded off. I do need to get some rest you know.”

“That still left the evening free to write…” she insisted though her voice sounded as though it was coming from a long way off.

“Do you think my daughter would leave me alive if I did not go for my daily walk? You know how strictly she follows up with that.” (I’m sure I didn’t need to tell my muse that I hated those walks and grabbed on to any excuse to avoid doing it. That was none of her business anyway!)

“And now? Now that you are here…will you write?” she sounded hesitant.

“What? Write now? At the end of such a tiring day? I have no energy left now. Let me at least eat my meal in peace” I scowled at my plate.

The utter silence made me look up. But I could not see her anywhere. All I heard was a soft sigh dying in the breeze somewhere.

And I did it ! Facing Fears and Doubts!

And I finally did it! Wrote my first fantasy romance and published it on Amazon! The process reminded me of my pregnancy and the birth of my babies. Throughout your pregnancy you wonder if you are doing the right thing and how it will affect your baby. And then you are scared about the labour pains and you do go through them but once the baby is in your arms you find it was all worth it.

With the book too, though it is just a little story, light romance, I went through terrible labour pains and self doubts. But finally my baby is here.

The cover looks good no? A huge thanks to Gyana Geeta of GGS Creations for understanding exactly what I wanted.

The inspiration for putting my book out there is of course our very own Indian Nora Roberts – Sundari Venkatraman. In spite of her busy schedule – She has published 25 books in five years – she took the trouble to tell me where I could improve. I have no words to thank her with because every time I try, my heart fills over and tears of gratitude fill my eyes.

And another prodder and pusher has been Rubina Ramesh of The Book Club and author of several books herself. She refused to let go till I told her my book was live on Amazon. Again all this while writing and publishing her own books.

A sturdy support and nit picking critic has been my own daughter, Nakita. She has stood firm against all my mood swings and sensibly talked me out of them.

How can I end this post without saying thank you to Corinne Rodrigues and her Write Tribe or my Kick Ass Girls? You have always been with me, nudging, reading, challenging me to be better than I am.

And to all the people who told me that they were waiting for a book from me, this one is for you.

You can get it here 

Do enjoy reading it!

Day7: WriteTribe Festival of Words #writebravely

Once upon a time there was a girl,
Naive and sweet.
Her heart open with love
Twenty-four seven.
But people entered,
And left without a word.
And worse, left their baggage,
Of thrash for her to deal with.

Initially she shrugged the hurts aside,
And went on loving ;
Opening her heart Twenty-four seven.
But the thrash kept piling;
The weight was a heart ache,
And finally she had to let it all tumble out.

She’s much wiser now,
And happier too.
She still opens her heart,
At times for others.
But it’s open only for herself,
Twenty-four seven.!

This was my take on today’s picture prompt.

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