Day 4: Write Tribe Festival of Words #writebravely


“What?” asked my incredulous family. “Are you sure?”

“I think you should go for a second opinion.”

“ OMG! That is terrible. What can I do to help?”

The doctor had just diagnosed me with cancer that had reached its terminal stage. It could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months before I moved on to another realm.

While all the adults were busy being sad, a little voice piped up. “Grandma, if you are going to die, I hope you have made a bucket list.”

This was my little granddaughter Sherry. At six she was a precocious bundle. She was an observant brat, far too intelligent for her age and often saw and heard things not meant for her eyes and ears.

“Hush!” her mother immediately went to correct her.”Don’t talk like that to Grandma.”

But I was too busy laughing to pay attention. Trust a child to hit the nail on the head. While everyone was worried about me dying, she just reminded me that I had still a bit of living to do.

I thought about it for a moment. At fifty five, I had already done most of the things I wanted to do. I had travelled a lot. I had got the people in our society to stop using the compound as a dumping yard for garbage. I had managed to get funds for the animal shelter. I had a wonderful family who loved not relationships to mend there.
In fact there was just one thing left for me to do. It was something that I longed to do but had felt terribly guilty of even thinking of doing. But now…

“Of course my pumpkin”, I said. “But there is only one thing left on my list.”

“What is it?” my son asked. He glanced at my daughter and she too nodded.

I looked slyly at everyone in the room and knew that at this moment they would agree to give me the moon if I asked for it.

“Well, since the doctor has asked me not to go out too much so as not to get exposed to anything and I get too tired to do any work anymore, I thought I would buy all the books that I have wanted to read but never found the time to do so. I just want sit back and read all my favourite authors all over again.”


This post was in response to the prompt for today :Write a story about a character who finds out that he or she is dying and has been knocking things off his/her bucket list and has finally reached the last item.


Day 3: Write Tribe Festival of Words #writebravely

This picture was the prompt for day 3 of Write Tribe’s Festival of Words. Do let me know what you think of my take on it.


They gave her a room of her own
With a soft bed and other pretty things
And when she sat down with them at the table
Her eyes widened at the sight of the food.
They gave her clothes
Pretty dresses
And the shoes
Blue sneakers
They told her she had to dress up well now
As she belonged to them.
They took her places.
The park, the beach
And as they sat under the umbrella,
She ran towards the water.
She looked around surreptitiously.
And when she was sure no one was watching
She took off her shoes and set them neatly on the shore
And running into the water,
Splashed happily in the waves
Till she heard them call.



Day 2: Write Tribe Festival of Words #Writebravely

Today’s prompt for the Write Tribe Festival of words is the line of a song from Mary Poppins. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and—snap!—the job’s a game!”

There are some memories which are so full of wonder that you hold them to your heart forever. I saw the movie “Mary Poppins” when I was just four years old. But even today, I remember every moment of that day.

At that time there was only one theatre that screened English movies in Thane and that too once in a blue moon. So it was not just a treat for my sister and me, but also for mom; though how she had the guts to take a four year old and a two year old by bus all by herself, I’ll never know.

I still remember asking her, when we sat down in our seats and the lights went off, ““Just now it was afternoon, how did it become night?” and she explained that it was not night, but that they had only put off the lights because we had to see the movie. I wondered how we could see anything in the dark, but only for a second.

From the moment the movie started, I was transported to a magical land. My eyes were glued to the screen and everything and everyone else disappeared.

With the innocence of a child, I believed that everything that happened in the movie was real. (Even today I am not so sure, it isn’t.)

Years later when my own kids were born, one of the first VCDs I bought was “Mary Poppins” because I wanted to share the magic with my kids and it was just a couple of years ago, that I managed to find the complete collection of Mary Poppin stories and treated myself to it.

P.L Travers and Walt Disney managed to create a movie, 54 years ago, that even today, with all the technology, no one can match.

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Write Tribe

Post 1 Write Tribe Festival of Words #writebravely


Am I holding you?

Or are you holding me?

With love clenched in your tiny fist

That you place over my heart.

Warming it, softening it,

Till it can’t help but flow right back to you.

Am I protecting you?

Or are you protecting me?

From the darker side of myself maybe?

When you nuzzle under my chin

Your downy head against my day old stubble.

All the frustrations of the world fade away

And I become a hero again

Entrusted with the most precious job

Of being your dad!




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