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Interview with Kiran Manral

On the 15th of May, Just Books Library, Thane had organised a book reading and signing of Kiran Manral’s latest book, “The Face At The Window”.  I had the privilege of interviewing  Ms. Kiran Manral on this occassion. The cosy atmosphere of the library set the tone for a friendly chat rather than a formal interview. Kiran’s demeanor too made…

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Maya Angelou

This year is a very special year for me. I call it  “my year of awesomeness”  and one of the things that I have done to make it really awesome, is to surround myself with things and people that really mean something to me and rid my life of things that take away from my happiness. So it was no…

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The Unseen Chains

Today is Women’s Day and I am celebrating it with the launch of my first book, “Who Shall I Be Today?”, a book of poems that celebrates the various moods of a woman.

As I prepare for the launch this evening, I realise I am so blessed! I have the freedom to be me! The freedom to write; to express myself; to earn and spend my money as I want. To be friends with whomever I want to; to learn as much as I want to. Yes, I am so blessed.