#WednesdayVerses : Words

Words When I decided to publish my book of poems, “Who Shall I be today?” , I had a hard time trying to figure our the first poem. That is when I wrote this, because to me words are my life. Today being world Poetry day, it seemed apt to post this, specially when the theme matched that of  #WednesdayVerses Words,…

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#Friday Reflections, poems


  I walk through the house Listlessly It seems so big somehow And so empty. I strain my ears. Is that your voice I hear? That laugh that was so typically you. I close my eyes and I can breathe in the scent of your body, Feel its warmth surrounding me. I reach out and can touch you, Feel the…

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Maya Angelou

This year is a very special year for me. I call it  “my year of awesomeness”  and one of the things that I have done to make it really awesome, is to surround myself with things and people that really mean something to me and rid my life of things that take away from my happiness. So it was no…

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