kiran manralOn the 15th of May, Just Books Library, Thane had organised a book reading and signing of Kiran Manral’s latest book, “The Face At The Window”.  I had the privilege of interviewing  Ms. Kiran Manral on this occassion. The cosy atmosphere of the library set the tone for a friendly chat rather than a formal interview. Kiran’s demeanor too made it very difficult to be all stiff and business like.

Me: “A Face at the Window ” is your 5th book to be published, isn’t it? So how did you start writing? Did you always know you wanted to be a writer?

Kiran: (laughing): Not at all. It was my mother. She kept asking me, “When are you going to write your book?” In college. After I got married, “When are you going to write your book?” When I became a mother, “When are you going to write your book?” When I was forty. And then I gave in and decided that if I have to do it now is the time, and that is how “The Reluctant Detective” was born.

Me: Every book of yours has been a different genre; from humour to romance to horror. How do you come up with your plots?download ftw

Kiran: Some of my plots are organic. They come to me fully developed. Some I consciously plan out and work out every detail. But it all hinges around the character. It is the character who dictates the plot.

Me: Coming to the main character in your books. Each one of them is so different. From Kay who was a bored housewife in The Reluctant Detective, to Mrs. McNally, an old Anglo Indian woman who is haunted by her past. How do you find your characters. Are they someone you know or just a figment of your imagination.

Kiran: I think they are a combination of both. You meet people, you hear about people, you add a bit, and a character gets created.

Me. When “The Reluctant Detective” was released it received mixed reviews. How did you deal with it?

Kiran: I realize that no matter how well  you write there will be people who won’t like your work. And that is okay. Also, I do not write for others. i write for myself. At the end of the day, I have to like what I write. So I ask myself. Do I like what I have written? Does it satisfy the level I set for myself. If yes, it is good, if not, I need to do something about it.

Me: Why did you choose to write a horror story this time?

Kiran: (laughing) Because I like to scare people. I wanted to write a story that had people asking “why?” as they read the book and even when they finished they had to ask more whys. It had to stay with them like a thorn in their side, niggling and worrying them.

Me: ‘A face in the Window ” certainly does that. I kept agonizing over the end and wanting more!

Me: Before we wind up, any advice to the aspiring writers here?

Kiran: Write, every day. At least 500 words. Get your presence out there. On Facebook, on twitter, let people know who you are but more importantly do not wait for the muse. Just write.

Me: Thank you so much Kiran. Are we expecting any more books soon?

Kiran: Well, I have had 3 releases in the last six months, and there are a couple of works in progress …so…..

Me: Definitely looking forward to reading them, Kiran. Thank you so much for your time and advice!

Kiran: The pleasure was mine!

And with that she sat down to meet her fans and sign copies of her book for them.

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