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When Poetry Heals

Six years! I can hardly believe it’s been six years since that fateful day. The doctor’s face is a blur. I just remember he had a beard. The clock was huge with a yellow and gold rim; the numbers large and the time was two forty a.m.. Of course that was not the time on the death certificate. But that…

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Swachh Bharat? Swachh Nothing #2

The Secrets In The Compound Be careful when you walk in our compound There’s no telling what you will find. You will see so many things You’ll find secrets of every kind As I walk my dog around, Without having snooped, I know what my neighbours have been up to. I know someone’s baby has pooped! It’s all there in…

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Maya Angelou

This year is a very special year for me. I call it  “my year of awesomeness”  and one of the things that I have done to make it really awesome, is to surround myself with things and people that really mean something to me and rid my life of things that take away from my happiness. So it was no…

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