NaPoWriMo – day 13 Drunken Nostalgia




Drunken Nostalgia

Chilled beer

Warm summer afternoons

Abba playing in the background.

Voulez vous ?

Oh yes I would!

I would so go back to those days,

Of LP records,

And yelling out the lyrics at the top of our voices!

Of making jugsful of Rasna

And suddenly I am running barefoot

On the maidan

Trying to put the tipris back

Before the ball hits us.

And playing sakhli and dabha “eyes spice”

And chor police

And knocking down jaams and boras

In the neighbour’s compound.

Drowsy summer afternoons

Chilled beer

Abba and nostalgia!


NaPoWriMo Day 12 -It’s time for the Phoenix to die

phoenix-500469_1280It’s time for the phoenix to die

It’s time for the phoenix to die,

And rise from the ashes of the past;

Where the tears mix with flames;

Flames to destroy;

Tears to heal.


The phoenix has to die.

And in the dying so much has to be destroyed.

Old thoughts, old feelings,

Old ideas, old plans.

So much has to change,

Old relationships, old friendships,

Support systems and comfort zones,

So much has to be burnt in the ashes.


The tears of the phoenix

Amidst the flames.

This time to heal itself,

Healing wounds of heart and soul,

Cleansing memories,

Washing away pain,

Bringing forth the new.


Yes, the phoenix has to die.

Flame and tears,

Destroying and cleansing,

Till I rise anew from the ashes of the past,

A phoenix once again!

NaPoWriMo Day 11 – A few more minutes please

A few more minutes please!

I open my eyes,

Half awake, half asleep.

I look at the clock

And sigh with relief!

It will be another 10 minutes

Before the alarm goes.

So hurriedly

My eyes I close.

Those few extra minutes

Are so precious to me!

My wonderful dream

I had to complete you see.

A night time of sleeping

In those few minutes I’ll squeeze,

So for another ten minutes

Don’t wake me up please!


NaPoWriMo Day 10 – Sparkles on the tree

Sparkles on the tree

They see her as the sparkling fairy

On the top of the Christmas tree.

They see the laughter and cheer

And want it all.


They see her cope with life

And admire her strength

They see the power

And hunger for it.


And she sits in the darkness

Of her memories and pain

And watches them

And wonders how many of them would want to know her

Underneath that sparkling mask.


Would they be able to deal with her scars?

Would they be able to carry her pain?


Would it be too much to dream

That one day someone would come

Who would see not the fairy on the tree

But the timid girl in the dark

One who was scared of loving or being loved

And would sit next to her

And hold her hand

And together they would watch the stars.