Mamma at the dentist!


She  said her tooth was hurting,

She couldn’t enjoy her cup of chai anymore.

And so after a lot of nagging

To the dentist she agreed to go.
The appointment was at 7,

But she just had to finish one more chore.

Till I finally lost my patience,

And almost dragged her out of the door.
She sat in the chair, oh so rigid,

Her hands tightly clenched at her side.

As she saw him select a needle

Her eyes with fear went wide.
“Is it going to hurt me a lot?”

She gave a low plaintive cry

“No, you know it won’t.  Don’t worry.”

To reassure her I did try.
“Now hush and be calm,” I said

“It will only take a while

We’ll get some ice cream later.”

And finally mamma did smile!
Getting mom to the dentist

Is a drama everyday

I think she’s taking her revenge

For the those long forgotten days.
When we were the ones throwing tantrums

And she was the one to cajole

Oh yes when mom turns 77,

There is a reversal of roles!

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