Set Their Love Free

Yes, I love dogs. In fact I love all animals; sometimes more than humans. I think that they are smarter than us because they understand us, while we don’t understand them, unless you have been with them for like forever.

Dogs and cats and crows and other creatures follow me around and listen to me when I tell them that food is ready or that they need to move out of the middle of the road or that I don’t have time to talk as I have work to do.

So I do believe that we can communicate with animals. But yesterday, something made me angry. It was a promotion for a workshop that promised to help you communicate with lost and deceased animals.

How selfish can you get? Why would you want to disturb their peace once they have crossed that rainbow bridge? They have done their job, now let them go. If you love them set them free!

Set their love free!

We hurt because we are selfish.
We hurt because we want their love.
We need to accept that they are
In a better place above.

We all strive for salvation;
The end of the cycle of karma.
They have reached that place.
They have fulfilled their dharma.

Their love was blessed.
Their love was pure.
For all our sad moments
It was the cure.

Now don’t be sad
And cause them pain.
Let thoughts of them
Heal you once again.

And give them the permission
To be free;
To soar into that blessed light
And be one with divinity!

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Of Cluttering and Letting go.

Yay! I managed to declutter this much paper today!  This bunch of paper is finally, finally going to go out of my house! 

What?  You want to know why I am dancing for joy?  You think that this is not worth rejoicing over?

Ah, my friend,  it is obvious that you are not one of us: hoarders and clutterers. You have no idea how painful it is to take a decision on what to throw out of an already over crowded home.  You don’t have to cringe every time a friend calls and asks, “ So what are you doing?”

“ I’m cleaning my house,trying to declutter some stuff”, you say for the umpteenth time.

“Still! Didn’t you like start decluttering some decades ago?”

Now, there are  clutterers and clutterers. Some reigning high up on thrones of multiple categories and lowly ones who have just managed to be eligible because they can’t bear to get rid of a few shoe boxes of stuff.

The purebloods  are those that never get rid of anything but most of us fall somewhere in between. Someone may cling to all the shoes they’ve ever owned;  someone else to clothes. For me it is paper.

Books, notepads, bills, newspapers; all settle down comfortably at my place, knowing it could be their forever home.

And being a writer adds a million scraps to the paper population.  Scraps that contain seeds of stories and poems that refused to be written in a notebook.

What if I need it tomorrow ?

What if it is something important?

What if I finally find out what this cryptic line that I scribbled means?

It’s enough to drive me to ice Cream or beer I tell you!

And that is why I am dancing today ( and of course having more beer)  because I finally managed to push a pile of paper out of the door!




Little Things

Today I had an hour between my two sessions of Creative Writing at Just Books Library, at Siddhachal. It was not long enough to go home, but enough to have a quick lunch.

I decided to go to Little Bite, a restaurant in Amrapali Arcade, Vasant Vihar. It has been one of my favourite eating places for years. Their pav bhaji is really amazing and their filter coffee is pretty decent.  But that is not why I am writing this post.

tapan 23Today, I was the only person in the restaurant; the occupants of the other table having just left. The two cleaning boys were having a conversation.

“Did you clean the table that was just vacated?” asked one of them. (His name was Tapan, as I got to know later.)

“Yes”, came the surly answer.

Tapan went to make sure and found that it had not been cleaned properly.

“This is not clean”, he said. “Even the seat is dirty. There is food on the seat.”

“Then why don’t you clean it yourself?”

Without a word, Tapan took a cloth and proceeded to clean the table and seat thoroughly. Since the restaurant did a brisk home delivery business as well, the manager sat outside in the open part of the restaurant and we were in the dining area. The waiters too seemed to having a conversation with the manager, so there was not one in here besides the two boys and me.

There was no one to watch Tapan as he cleaned the place, but that didn’t stop him from doing a good job. This reminded me of a poem by Patience Strong, “The Salt of the Earth” which tells of people who just go ahead and do what has to be done, without expecting praise or reward. And it got me thinking.

We always praise people who do great things in life. People who show courage and dedication in tough situations like wars etc. But what about the normal everyday people who do the small things that make a difference?

Things that hold the fabric of life together; small things that often go unnoticed. What Tapan did may not have won a battle but it made sure that the mood of the next customer did not get spoiled because of a dirty seat. Otherwise who knows how far that bad mood would have travelled around, affecting other people’s lives as well.

Thank you Tapan, for doing your job well!

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