Life, Monday Musings

Set Their Love Free

Yes, I love dogs. In fact I love all animals; sometimes more than humans. I think that they are smarter than us because they understand us, while we don’t understand them, unless you have been with them for like forever. Dogs and cats and crows and other creatures follow me around and listen to me when I tell them that…

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Monday Musings

Of Cluttering and Letting go.

Yay! I managed to declutter this much paper today!  This bunch of paper is finally, finally going to go out of my house!  What?  You want to know why I am dancing for joy?  You think that this is not worth rejoicing over? Ah, my friend,  it is obvious that you are not one of us: hoarders and clutterers. You…

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Monday Musings, People

Little Things

Today I had an hour between my two sessions of Creative Writing at Just Books Library, at Siddhachal. It was not long enough to go home, but enough to have a quick lunch. I decided to go to Little Bite, a restaurant in Amrapali Arcade, Vasant Vihar. It has been one of my favourite eating places for years. Their pav…

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