Yay! I managed to declutter this much paper today!  This bunch of paper is finally, finally going to go out of my house! 

What?  You want to know why I am dancing for joy?  You think that this is not worth rejoicing over?

Ah, my friend,  it is obvious that you are not one of us: hoarders and clutterers. You have no idea how painful it is to take a decision on what to throw out of an already over crowded home.  You don’t have to cringe every time a friend calls and asks, “ So what are you doing?”

“ I’m cleaning my house,trying to declutter some stuff”, you say for the umpteenth time.

“Still! Didn’t you like start decluttering some decades ago?”

Now, there are  clutterers and clutterers. Some reigning high up on thrones of multiple categories and lowly ones who have just managed to be eligible because they can’t bear to get rid of a few shoe boxes of stuff.

The purebloods  are those that never get rid of anything but most of us fall somewhere in between. Someone may cling to all the shoes they’ve ever owned;  someone else to clothes. For me it is paper.

Books, notepads, bills, newspapers; all settle down comfortably at my place, knowing it could be their forever home.

And being a writer adds a million scraps to the paper population.  Scraps that contain seeds of stories and poems that refused to be written in a notebook.

What if I need it tomorrow ?

What if it is something important?

What if I finally find out what this cryptic line that I scribbled means?

It’s enough to drive me to ice Cream or beer I tell you!

And that is why I am dancing today ( and of course having more beer)  because I finally managed to push a pile of paper out of the door!




Sunita Monday Musings

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