Yes, I love dogs. In fact I love all animals; sometimes more than humans. I think that they are smarter than us because they understand us, while we don’t understand them, unless you have been with them for like forever.

Dogs and cats and crows and other creatures follow me around and listen to me when I tell them that food is ready or that they need to move out of the middle of the road or that I don’t have time to talk as I have work to do.

So I do believe that we can communicate with animals. But yesterday, something made me angry. It was a promotion for a workshop that promised to help you communicate with lost and deceased animals.

How selfish can you get? Why would you want to disturb their peace once they have crossed that rainbow bridge? They have done their job, now let them go. If you love them set them free!

Set their love free!

We hurt because we are selfish.
We hurt because we want their love.
We need to accept that they are
In a better place above.

We all strive for salvation;
The end of the cycle of karma.
They have reached that place.
They have fulfilled their dharma.

Their love was blessed.
Their love was pure.
For all our sad moments
It was the cure.

Now don’t be sad
And cause them pain.
Let thoughts of them
Heal you once again.

And give them the permission
To be free;
To soar into that blessed light
And be one with divinity!

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