I can still remember your first kick,

The wonder of that tiny bubble of a movement within me,

The love that flooded my heart and brought tears to my eyes.

I remember how you would wake up,

With a cheerful toothless smile,

Bringing sunshine to my day

Your first words, your first steps,

The first poem you wrote, the first book you read alone,

The delight on your face with each experience.

Yes, the smile, always the smile!

And today too I see that smile,

Wider, more brilliant than ever before.

As you stand beside the man you love,

Walking together down a new road,

A new life, a new beginning

And once again, the love floods my heart,

Bringing tears to my eyes,

As I see how happy you are.

If there is a tinge of sadness

It’s just because I am selfishly aware

That now no longer will every Christmas be shared.

No longer will this be home

I am not the only mom in your life.

But that sadness is fleeting,

Coz I can feel the love that surrounds you.

Not only from your husband, but your whole new family.

And as you walk down the road of this new life

All I can give you is a heart full of love and blessings!


Note: This is part 4/4 of the Letting you Fly Series.

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