Me? Writing one? OMG! I am feeling so many things all at once! Scared to the pit of my stomach! Yet, somewhere tiny butterflies of excitement flutter.

I have always loved writing. It is my “thing”. Something that made me different from others. Something I was good at. Something that took me from being the girl that no one noticed in school to being the girl who could make the school magazine stand out.

Yet somewhere along the line, writing took a back seat to life (familiar story?); to getting a degree, getting married and raising kids.

This year I turned 50. My babies have flown the nest and I realised that it was finally just me in my life. There was nothing and no one to stop me living my dream of being me.

And so “Project  Being Sunita” has begun. With the help of a couple of friends and a lot of brain storming, I set up my website I started writing and posting regularly and am now working on getting my book of poems published.

And since being a writer is just one part of me, I needed to cater to the teacher and trainer in me as well. This lead to the birth of my newsletters. Yes, there are two of them. One is “Let’s Write” for all those who want to explore the creative side of words and find the magic in them.

The other is called, “You Are Perfect” and is all about growing into the wonderful person you really are.

You can sign up here for either of them, or both and I’ll be with you each week, coaching and guiding you to live the life you dream about.

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