2017: A real mean mom of a year!

I think this year, the universe decided that I needed to be shaken out of my complacency and that I needed a mean mom to do that. Because that is exactly what 2017 has been. A real mean mom! Actually 2017 was like a mamma giraffe, she knocked me down and then kicked me to stand up. Just when I…

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animals, dogs, Woof woof by Muffin

“Woof , Woof!” By Muffin. #1

SIP : Simple Involvement Plan (for dog lovers) A couple of weeks ago, mamma had a rare afternoon free. But instead of playing with me, she sat scrolling on her phone. It didn’t really matter, because she was sitting on the window seat and I got to sprawl all over her feet. Suddenly she gave a deep sigh. I raised…

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Stop that doodling! Pay attention!

Last month I was taking part in the Nanowrimo challenge. I was determined to finish writing all 50000 words of my novel in one month. I was all geared up and sat at my desk to write . I wrote for about an hour and then I hit a blank. I had been writing about two or three hours daily…

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