Last month I was taking part in the Nanowrimo challenge. I was determined to finish writing all 50000 words of my novel in one month. I was all geared up and sat at my desk to write . I wrote for about an hour and then I hit a blank. I had been writing about two or three hours daily for one week and I was mentally tired. But I had my daily goal of 2000 words to complete and the words were playing hide and seek with me. Suddenly I found myself doodling at the side of the note book.

Almost immediately all the voices of my teachers and my parents seemed to yell at me, “Stop that doodling. You have a deadline! Concentrate on your work!”  And I almost stopped. Luckily it was an almost and I went ahead to give my page a nice border. Then I went a step further and coloured it. And believe it or not, I felt so refreshed after that. Within no time I was able to finish the chapter I was working on.

Today luckily, cognitive psychologists consider doodling as something beneficial. They say that doodling increases concentration and can also actually calm you down when you are stressed.

And it is

fun !

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to have fun? Do it now. Come join us at a fun filled session on Sunday, 9th December, at 11 am IST. Here are the details.



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