Book-Cover-1How many of you have had one of your deepest dreams come true? Isn’t it one of the headiest feelings in the world? Something that makes you want to dance and sing and yell and cry with happiness at the same time?

In a previous post, ‘Being Awesome in 2016’ I had written about this year being my year of awesomeness and guess what! It’s got AWESOMER!

My book, my first book, is going to be published! Yes! My book, “Who shall I be today?” is going to be out in March! I am so super thrilled about it; I just had to share it with all of you!

When I decided that it was time to put my fears aside and put my writings out for the world to read, I had to take a call on what kind of book I wanted my first book to be. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wanted to write a book of poems.

Why? Well because I have always loved poetry. I love stories and essays too, but poetry tugs at my heart that little bit more.

I can’t remember when I fell in love with poetry. Maybe it was as a baby, when Mummy read to me out of that fascinating book with all those animals and fairies in it and I would listen to her voice lilting as she read, “Here comes the pony, his work is all done, down through the meadow he takes a good run, up goes his heels and down goes his head; it’s time little people were going to bed”

Through the poems I heard from her, I learnt of fairies and witches and magic and naughty kids and good kids. Stories came alive and created a wonderful world of rhyme and rhythm.

As I grew older, I read and fell in love with the brave Lochinvar, and cried over Bess and her Highway man. I realised how one mistake in a war can cause so many to lose their lives in ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’. And I guess it was inevitable that this passion would make me want to write my own poems.

“Who shall I be today?” is a collection of poems that I have written as I have travelled along life’s paths, experiencing the different roles of a woman. Somewhere in the book you will find a woman in love, somewhere you will find a mother, somewhere you will find a housewife going about her daily chores.

A human being feels so many emotions and you will share some of these as you turn the pages of “Who shall I be today?” Love, Fear, Loneliness, Despair, Hope, Anticipation, Longing, Nostalgia… It’s all there.

If today this dream of getting my book published is coming true, it’s to a large extent due to the likes and shares I’ve got from all of you on Facebook and on my blog. Everytime you told me you liked something I wrote, it made it a little easier to share a part of my soul with you and that is how “Who Shall I Be today ?” was born.  I am so glad that you are a part of this dream of mine! And I really can’t celebrate it without you! So THANK YOU everyone! From the bottom of my heart!

P.S. If you want to see a jhalak of my book please send me a mail at [email protected] and you can let me know what you think of it.

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