Sparkles on the tree

They see her as the sparkling fairy

On the top of the Christmas tree.

They see the laughter and cheer

And want it all.


They see her cope with life

And admire her strength

They see the power

And hunger for it.


And she sits in the darkness

Of her memories and pain

And watches them

And wonders how many of them would want to know her

Underneath that sparkling mask.


Would they be able to deal with her scars?

Would they be able to carry her pain?


Would it be too much to dream

That one day someone would come

Who would see not the fairy on the tree

But the timid girl in the dark

One who was scared of loving or being loved

And would sit next to her

And hold her hand

And together they would watch the stars.

Sunita #NaPoWriMo, Life, poems, Poetry

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