phoenix-500469_1280It’s time for the phoenix to die

It’s time for the phoenix to die,

And rise from the ashes of the past;

Where the tears mix with flames;

Flames to destroy;

Tears to heal.


The phoenix has to die.

And in the dying so much has to be destroyed.

Old thoughts, old feelings,

Old ideas, old plans.

So much has to change,

Old relationships, old friendships,

Support systems and comfort zones,

So much has to be burnt in the ashes.


The tears of the phoenix

Amidst the flames.

This time to heal itself,

Healing wounds of heart and soul,

Cleansing memories,

Washing away pain,

Bringing forth the new.


Yes, the phoenix has to die.

Flame and tears,

Destroying and cleansing,

Till I rise anew from the ashes of the past,

A phoenix once again!

Sunita #NaPoWriMo, poems, Poetry

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