A golden dragon, that’s who I’d be.

dragon-238931_1280One of the prompts on this week’s Friday Reflections was “ If you were an animal what would you be and why?”  Writing in response to this prompt makes me feel like a student in one of my creative writing classes. How often have I asked them to write on this topic, but never have I attempted to do so.  Ah well, there is a first time for everything and so here goes!

If I had to choose to be any animal in the world, I would choose to be a dragon; a beautiful golden dragon!

The reason I’d be a dragon is because I was born in the year of the dragon, but even before I knew that fact, dragons fascinated me. I never saw them as horrible evil creatures meant to be slain. To me, they were magical creatures who had tremendous power. They were the wisest of all beasts and the most regal. In fact the true king of the beasts would be the dragon not the lion.

And why a golden dragon? Because it is the most intelligent and pure of all dragons.  They are magical and can change their form at will. Though they are immensely strong, they prefer talking things over rather than using force. Their mission is to end evil and that is something I rather fantasize doing.

Whenever I imagine a golden dragon, I see a creature of great strength yet with such grace of movement that it is beauty in motion. Combine it with a mind of rare intelligence and what more could you want to be?

I imagine myself soaring across the moon, and swooping back down in a breathtaking dive. I imagine changing forms to tackle evil and making the earth a better place.  Oh what fun I would have belching out fire at corrupt politicians, paedophile priests and other such scum of the earth! I would be magical and good and powerful!  What other reason is needed to be a golden dragon?

What animal would you choose to be? Do leave your answer in the comments. I would love to know!



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Movie Review: Ae Dil Hai Mushkil



Yesterday I watched Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and you know what? I enjoyed it.  No, I ‘m not going to be all trendy and bash the movie and Karan Johar, because I really, truly enjoyed it.

The thing is, I don’t go for a movie with any other expectation other than to relax, except if I consciously decide to watch a movie like “Pink”.

I loved the songs and the craziness! Ranbir’s character Aayan loves to cuddle all the time. So what? There are teddy bear guys like that in real life and you would be so lucky to have someone like that in your life.

Anushka Sharma’s character shoots her mouth off. Maybe we are not yet ready for a girl making fun of the way a guy kisses, but I loved the way she acts so care a damn honest.



Ash looks Hot! And all of you who want to say, “Oh but she has Mickey Contactor to get her in shape!”, truth is she has got back into shape and is looking even more gorgeous than ever. There is a maturity about her that wasn’t there before.

And as for the falling in and out of love or lust at the drop of a hat, what’s wrong with that? We accept it in “Friends” and “Sex in the City” and other such firang stuff, so why not here?  And don’t give me that “oh but we are Indians”, bullshit. Or is it that we’d rather accept rape in out moves than consensual sex? I think it’s time we grew up.

Coming to the unrequited love part, well, life doesn’t always come with happy endings. So that’s fine. If hearts didn’t break, there’d be no stories.

The only jarring note really, was the ending. It looks like the plot ran way by itself and they didn’t know how to tie the bow. It should have been left untied. Ideally the movie should have ended when Fawad and Ranbir meet again accidentally in London. But I suppose we are not yet ready for untied bows either.