Swachh Bharat? Swachh Nothing #2


The Secrets In The Compound

Be careful when you walk in our compound
There’s no telling what you will find.
You will see so many things
You’ll find secrets of every kind

As I walk my dog around,
Without having snooped,
I know what my neighbours have been up to.
I know someone’s baby has pooped!

It’s all there in the open.
Someone had sex last night.
Someone didn’t sleep coz the mosquito bat was broken.
And someone didn’t like that pair of  lycra tights.

I warn my dog as I walk her around,
“Don’t sniff that condom you might get aids;
And that diaper will give you diarrhoea;
The broken mosquito bat is not a toy,
In fact you might get malaria.”

So be careful when you walk in our compound,
There’s no telling what you will find.
You will see so many things.
You’ll find secrets of every kind.

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Swachh Bharat? Swachh nothing!

roadside croppedThey say the tone of your day is set by what you do the first thing in the morning! The first thing that I do, through no fault of mine, is to smell the garbage! The minute I set foot out of the house to walk my dog, the stench hits. The sight of garbage piled up everywhere greets me. Yes, this is how my morning begins.
garbageI live at Kasarvadavali in Thane. The garbage in our area gets cleared only every 4th day. When asked, the TMC oficial said that it is the job of the Ghanta gadi to do it. When the ghanta gadi contractor was queried, he said that he does not have enough trucks to do the work. So we have to suffer.
gutterIn all the time I have lived here, never once have the drains been cleaned. The garbage piled on the sides of the road resides there permanently and no one, no one is willing to take the responsibility of having it cleaned. In a few days, the monsoons will hopefully be upon us. I dread to think of the garbage we will be walking through each time we leave the house. Little kids walking to school, maids coming to work, office goers will all drag the garbage home. And then we will wonder how we keep falling ill.
And now I have to pay a cess for keeping Bharat Swacch? Will it really make a difference I wonder?