She hummed to herself as she happily went about her chores. They had got back from their honeymoon just a couple of days ago and she was still feeling the novelty of being a married woman.

“It is fun being married”, she thought. “Just like playing house-house as a kid, but only now I have a real house to look after. Instead of a toy kitchen set, I have a real kitchen. No more mud pies and leaf chapattis. Now I can experiment with dishes and hope Vinay enjoys them.”

She stood in the middle of the room and looked around. Though the living room was functional, it was a bit cluttered and lacked something. She glanced at the clock. She had finished all her chores and had a few hours to spend before Vinay got back from work.  She decided to give the living room a facelift.

Newspapers got stacked to be sold. The furniture got rearranged a bit to give the room a more airy look. The tangle of shoes and slippers near the front door got sorted into a carton. The curtains needed to be changed but she couldn’t find any other set of curtains in the house. “Maybe one of my saris will come in handy” she thought. And right enough she found a barely used cotton sari that she had forgotten she had. “Mom must have put this in when she was helping me pack,”

She remembered seeing an old man with a sewing machine in front of a clothes shop in the nearby shopping centre. He had a board that said, “Altaration done here”. She had smiled at the spelling then. An hour later she had her curtains sewed and ready to be put up. On the way she picked up a bouquet of flowers.

She dug out a set of candle stands from the gifts they had received and placed them on the side table.

“‘There”, she said to herself in satisfaction, “that’s so much better!”

Happily she got ready to greet her husband when he came home from work and waited with bated breath to see what his reaction would be when he saw what she had done.

She never expected the stinging slap across her face accompanied with the words, “Don’t you dare change anything in my house. I will not tolerate it!”

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