Mamma entered the living room early in the morning. “Muffin, what have you done?” she yelled at the six month old pup who was seated in the middle of the floor surrounded by bits of what had been a shoe.

Muffin sat looking at Mamma with the most innocent eyes as if to ask, “What? What did I do?”

It was the last straw. Mamma lifted her by the scruff of her neck and gave her a good shaking. “You have bitten through the sole of my special shoe! Now how am I supposed to take you out for a walk? You know I can’t walk for long without those shoes! You will be the death of me! And do you know what will happen to you if I die?”

Mamma put her down and limped away in a huff. By now Muffin was truly terrified. She had never seen Mamma so angry before. Would Mamma really die? And would it be because she had eaten Mamma’s shoes? Oh no! What could she do? And what would happen to her?

She hurried after Mamma, “Tell me Mamma, what will happen to me? What will happen?” But Mamma was too upset to pay any attention to her.

She skittered off to ask Trigger, the old stray dog, who lived near the gate. Mamma had adopted him, but he refused to come into the house. He preferred to roam the streets, coming home only to eat and sleep.

“Trigger! Trigger!” Muffin barked! “What happens to puppies who cause the death of their mammas?”

Trigger heaved a huge doggy sigh! “What have you done now?” he woofed back at her.

“ I ate up Mamma’s shoes and she says I will be the death of her. What do they do to puppies who are the death of their mammas?”

Trigger gave a wolfish grin and said, “If anything happens to Mamma, you will be taken to the doggy court and then either you will be given to “The Cruel Master” who whips the puppies for every mistake they make, or you will be put down.”

“What do you mean, put down?”

“You will be given an injection and you will go to sleep forever.”, said Trigger in a sinister voice, “you will never get up, you will die just like your Mamma, because you made her die.”

“Oh no! Not the Cruel Master!” yelped Muffin dramatically. “I’d rather die! And if Mamma dies because of me, I deserve to die!”

And she sadly waddled her way into the house, where Mamma found her lying on her back, sometime later, as still as could be.

“Muffin, what are you up to now?” Mamma asked with a laugh.

“I am practising to be dead.”

“What? Why?”

“For when you die because if I am going to be the death of you, I dont want to be sent to the Cruel Master. I also want to die.”

And she flopped down again.

Mamma burst out laughing and bent down and picked her up, “Come here you crazy dog.  Give me a hug!No one is going to die! ”

“We’re not!” She wriggled to the ground and rushed out barking at the top of her voice, “Trigger! Trigger! We’re not going to die!”

She ran round and round the garden while Mamma stood there shaking her head and muttering,” You really will be the death of me!”


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