I am taking part in the Write Tribe Problogger Challenge 2017 and the prompt for today’s post was “Terminal”. I pondered it, mulled it over, wracked my brains but couldn’t come up with anything. Then while chatting with my daughter I mentioned my dilemma to her. And she asked me, “What’s your interpretation of it? Is it like an airport terminal? Or maybe death – terminal to the after life? Or platform 9 ¾  – terminals we don’t know exist.”

And being a diehard Harry Potter/J.K.Rowling fan, I could immediately see the potential of the third option.

How many times do we go through life, not realising that we have options. Not realising that there is a Platform 9 ¾ which is waiting to take us on a different journey?

We are so trained (for want of a better word) to do what is expected of us. Be good children, do well in school, do well in college, get a good job/spouse, settle down, have kids. Baaa…. baaaa….baaa..

We live our lives travelling the same line day in and day out. It doesn’t matter if our jobs are so stressful that they are killing us. (At least you are earning a good salary no?) It doesn’t matter if we face domestic violence (at least he provides for you na?) We are expected to put up with it all for the sake of conformity.

But what if one day life gave us a letter saying that there is a better life ahead but that instead of staying on the train we are on, we have to change terminals, change routes?

What if this is a route that none of those around us have travelled or even heard of? How many of us would get off and go? Or would we be hesitant and scared?

Would we listen to our Uncle Vernons, the people who will deride and humiliate us for making the choice? Or would we find the courage to crash the walls that hold us in and go on to that platform that is calling out to us? To board that train that is going to take us to journeys unknown?

If we do, maybe, just maybe  there is magic around the bend, and  just like harry Potter, we will find our Hogwarts and discover that we are magic.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge and I hope you enjoy reading my posts here. If you do, please leave a comment. It motivates me to write more. 

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