Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019

What am I going to read this year?

A new year and a whole list of books that I want to read. And the best thing is having a group of friends who are equally crazy about reading. I generally read around 2 to 4 books a week, but I have never really documented what I have read.  A few years ago, when I used to read all about what my younger friends were reading, I had a terrible case of FOMO. The kind of books they were reading and sharing reviews of made me feel I was really missing out on a lot of stuff, mostly serious and classic. I had never even heard of Kurt Vonnegut or Neil Gaiman.

To be frank, I read for pleasure, not for gyan, but as a writer in the making for over a quarter of a century, I felt I needed to educate myself on the books that were making people rave. And so I decided to pick four books a week to read:

  1. A classic I had not read.
  2. A new western writer I had not read.
  3. An Indian author I had not read
  4. A romance of crime thriller for my pleasure.
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This year I am going to take the next step and join a reading challenge. Hold myself accountable. And maybe get to know of books I would never have otherwise. And thanks to the Write Tribe, I think I have found the perfect challenge for me; not so easy and yet not undoable.

The Write Tribe Reading Challenge 2019

Here are the deets if you would like to take part too.

Levels of reading:

You can choose between four levels of reading right from 24 books a year to more than 60 books a year.

Reading prompts:

To help you get started there are 20 reading prompts of which you need to do at least 12


And what is the use of reading if you don’t post reviews, no? So at least one review a month.

Very doable, isn’t it?

For more details head on to the original post on the challenge http://writetribe.com/write-tribe-reading-challenge-2019/

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