Ever since I can remember, I have loved diaries, planners, folders. If I am left in a stationery shop, you will most probably find me wandering around with glazed eyes, in an intoxicated daze.

Every year I search out planners that I can use. Once I was introduced to the world of bloggers and You Tube, I read up on or watched every post that even mentioned the word planner.

I found a few that I liked, but still felt that there was something missing. And then last year, in the middle of the year in fact, I found something that I think is near perfection.

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Finally a planner meant for me!

I found “myPAPERCLIP” Planner. Last year I had bought a black one. But since this is the year of my transformation, I decided to go in for the purple one. And that’s how I got my purple planner!

It has a page to write down major events in the months of the year as well as a year at a glance.

Besides a page for the month it has a double spread for each week, with the dates on one side and a ruled page facing. This helps me not only to jot down my weekly plan but also add notes like what is needed for a particular class this week.

Besides this there are both ruled and blank pages at the end of the book. Last year I used those pages to write down my step by step cleaning schedule for each room of my house, besides jotting down poems and story ideas as they came to me.

The only thing is that on the weekly planner page, Saturday and Sunday share the same space. I wish Sunday had a space to itself because my Sundays are really, really full.

But besides that one tiny glitch, this is a journal I am comfortable using for the second year in a row.

You can pick up one here. (I may get a teeny weeny compensation if you do, just saying.)

Making it my own with my word of the year!

This post is part of Friday Reflections hosted by Shalini Nair of https://kohleyedme.com/ and Corinne Rodrigues of https://everydaygyaan.com

Sunita #Friday Reflections

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  1. Sunita, I love your word of the year and I’m tempted to switch to this one. Just a thought. Because my words are all inspired by transformation. Actually come to think of it our “word of the year” translate to a shift, a change, a transformation within ourselves.

    And this year I have thought of two such words and the more I chew over it, the more words pop into my mind.
    And transformation is such an ideal word.
    But I’ll stop short from stealing yours and think out of the box, perhaps.

    Purple is one of my favourite colours and this planner looks interesting.
    But you know what, most planners have such little spaces for weekends.
    As weekends were meant to soak in nothingness, but in the current times our weekends have become more packed than ever.
    Time to slow down. And that’s one of my goals this year.

    Wishing you a truly transformative year of new beginnings and blessed journeys. All the very best.

    1. Thanks Natasha. The word is out there. For you and me. Go right ahead and own it .
      I need more space on Sunday because that is one day where I am in the mood to do all the things that I want to do , instead of have to do. 🙂
      Have a wonderful year !

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