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Wheelchair Wonderings

Our trip to Bali had been planned over a year ago. My daughters were insistent that a holiday was much needed. And it was true. I couldn’t remember the last time I really had a restful holiday that was just a holiday and didn’t have a wedding or an engagement attached to it; or for that matter a puppy who…

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50 strands of grey

I have lived 50 years on this earth and my hair is streaked with grey.
My mom says that the grey is wisdom that you get as you travel along life’s way.
So feeling pretty wise, I thought I’d share
A little bit of wisdom through these 50 strands of grey.


Am I Worrying Unnecessarily?

  Am I worrying unnecessarily? Today I had a dozen articles that I had drafted out of which I had planned to complete and post one. But then I read an article by my friend Aamil Syed and it brought to mind things that had been worrying me for some time now. More than the post by Aamil was the…

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My First Day As A Teacher

  I looked across the sea of faces, My heart a mess of a million fears; Fifty pairs of eyes watched me, Some curiously, and some full of tears. All the names I had to remember; Make myself heard above their cries. How on earth, was I, I wondered, Supposed to make all of them wise? Snotty noses, bathroom trips,…

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