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My First Day As A Teacher

  I looked across the sea of faces, My heart a mess of a million fears; Fifty pairs of eyes watched me, Some curiously, and some full of tears. All the names I had to remember; Make myself heard above their cries. How on earth, was I, I wondered, Supposed to make all of them wise? Snotty noses, bathroom trips,…

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Of Hobbies And Perseverance

What do you have to look forward to in life when you are 72? Not much, one would assume. But not Walter Salvadore Pereira. My brother-in-law, Walter Salvadore Pereira, has at the age of 72, published his first book, ‘This Nightmare Is For Real.’  Walter is my brother-in-law and I am, at the moment, terribly jealous of the fact that…

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Why Kids Don’t Come With Instruction Manuals.

She came to pick her little daughter up from my language development class. And she looked harassed. Now, she is normally not a mother to look like that, so I asked her what was wrong. “Sunita,” she said, almost in tears, “I feel like such a bad mother. I don’t know what to do.” “Why? What happened?” I asked surprised.…

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My daughter, a wife!

I can still remember your first kick, The wonder of that tiny bubble of a movement within me, The love that flooded my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I remember how you would wake up, With a cheerful toothless smile, Bringing sunshine to my day Your first words, your first steps, The first poem you wrote, the first…

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