NaPoWriMo Day 8 – The imp in my purse


The imp in my purse

There is an imp in my purse ,

I’m sure he is the one,

Who gobbles all my money,

Just to have some fun.

I had five notes of five hundred.

Now there are only two.

I know I didn’t spend them,

Or lend them to any of you.

It is that naughty imp,

Who eats up all my money.

He does it for a joke.

He thinks it’s very funny

When I think I have the dough

And go on a spending spree

And realise I am broke

I hear him laughing at me.

I try and try to catch him,

But he’s always so spry.

So there is nothing  for me to do,

But over my lost money to cry.

Oh yes! There is an imp in my purse.

I’m sure he is the one,

Who gobbles all my money,

Just to have some fun!

NaPoWriMo Day 7- Mamma at the dentist

Mamma at the dentist!


She  said her tooth was hurting,

She couldn’t enjoy her cup of chai anymore.

And so after a lot of nagging

To the dentist she agreed to go.
The appointment was at 7,

But she just had to finish one more chore.

Till I finally lost my patience,

And almost dragged her out of the door.
She sat in the chair, oh so rigid,

Her hands tightly clenched at her side.

As she saw him select a needle

Her eyes with fear went wide.
“Is it going to hurt me a lot?”

She gave a low plaintive cry

“No, you know it won’t.  Don’t worry.”

To reassure her I did try.
“Now hush and be calm,” I said

“It will only take a while

We’ll get some ice cream later.”

And finally mamma did smile!
Getting mom to the dentist

Is a drama everyday

I think she’s taking her revenge

For the those long forgotten days.
When we were the ones throwing tantrums

And she was the one to cajole

Oh yes when mom turns 77,

There is a reversal of roles!

NaPoWriMo Day 6 – Idea Smith

Yesterday, at Poetry Tuesday, we had Ramya Pandyan aka Idea Smith as our featured performer of the evening. Though I’ve known Ramya for some time now and have been religiously following her blog, this was the first time I had seen her perform poetry. And OMG! It was absolutely mind blowing. Today’s poem is about her performance yesterday.

Idea Smith


Yesterday my soul was sore

So I went to the meet,

To hear the other poets speak

Hoping it would soothe my soul.

And there she was,

A waif of a girl

Who refused to be labelled.

She started to speak

And her words entered

Every part of my soul.

Filled my mind,

My heart

Became mine.

Tugged at thoughts long buried

Pulling feelings I’d chosen to hide

The poem built in crescendo

Pulling me into the words

Till it exploded all over me

Showering me with emotions

As I delighted in what I had heard.



NaPoWriMo Day 5 – Tattered


I should have listened to my head.

There was a reason it made all those rules.

Why it had created the cage

I have no one else to blame.

Because once again,

Here it is ,

This stupid heart of mine.

Bruised and bleeding.

In tatters,

Barely hanging together.

I see my cage in the distance,

I need to crawl back in.

But I am afraid I have come too far

To make it back.

So I will just sit here, out in the open

And try to heal,

With no place to lick my wounds.

And hope that you won’t look beneath the cloak of smiles that I don

Because I can never let you know

What loving you

Has done to me.


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