When I was a kid, I was insatiably curious. May be it has got something to do with the fact that I am a Sagittarian, but learning something new was and still is an adventure. As a kid, learning was easy. Everything was new and there were so many questions. In fact I am sure almost every sentence of mine started with a why. Which is why the minute I opened my mouth to speak, my mother would say, “Because the sky is very high!” But to give them credit, both my parents and my grandparents always took the trouble to answer me to the best of their ability.

Then came the world of books and I could now read up whatever I wanted to know. The library was my favourite place and Dad brought home magazines like Science Reporter and Children’s world which took me on fantastic journeys in learning.

As I grew up, learning became more sophisticated. Life skills and job skills needed to get added to academic skills and so there were computer courses and stenography courses to name a few.

Then came the Monster! It sucked all the joy out of learning. The more you learnt, the more it felt as if you knew nothing. You got information, but now you could no longer be sure it was true. The Monster spewed hate as much as it built bonds.  And it left a whole generation of people who were once considered wise, redundant.

I used to look forward to growing old, to my grandkids coming and asking me, “Grandma why……?” But the monster has taken that away from me. Today if I want to know something and ask my kids, the only answer is, “Google it, Ma.”

And I want to tell them, “Believe me, you are not my first go to in a problem. I have googled it, but the monster was waiting there with so much information, that I forgot what I wanted to know in the first place. You ,my kids are my last resort, my last hope of trying to find some simple  ____________.

Oh dear, what was the word I was looking for? I think I’d better Google it!



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