Today’s prompt for the Write Tribe Festival of words is the line of a song from Mary Poppins. “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and—snap!—the job’s a game!”

There are some memories which are so full of wonder that you hold them to your heart forever. I saw the movie “Mary Poppins” when I was just four years old. But even today, I remember every moment of that day.

At that time there was only one theatre that screened English movies in Thane and that too once in a blue moon. So it was not just a treat for my sister and me, but also for mom; though how she had the guts to take a four year old and a two year old by bus all by herself, I’ll never know.

I still remember asking her, when we sat down in our seats and the lights went off, ““Just now it was afternoon, how did it become night?” and she explained that it was not night, but that they had only put off the lights because we had to see the movie. I wondered how we could see anything in the dark, but only for a second.

From the moment the movie started, I was transported to a magical land. My eyes were glued to the screen and everything and everyone else disappeared.

With the innocence of a child, I believed that everything that happened in the movie was real. (Even today I am not so sure, it isn’t.)

Years later when my own kids were born, one of the first VCDs I bought was “Mary Poppins” because I wanted to share the magic with my kids and it was just a couple of years ago, that I managed to find the complete collection of Mary Poppin stories and treated myself to it.

P.L Travers and Walt Disney managed to create a movie, 54 years ago, that even today, with all the technology, no one can match.

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