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A long time ago, a young girl turned 13.

“A great age to be,” everyone said.

“What’s so great about it?” she wondered, “I am the same….no change from 12 and a half to 13.”

“Oh, you don’t know,” they said. “13 is a magical year! Things happen!” they whispered mysteriously.”

But the girl shook her head and smiled. She knew all about false hopes and broken promises. And anyway, magic never happened to ordinary dull girls like her who couldn’t even get up the courage to speak for themselves.

No, magic happened to Sabrina, her sister. Even her name was magic, like the teenage witch. Sabrina had been born on a full moon day, fair with hair flowing down to her shoulders. Till date her hair had never been cut.

But as for herself, she had been born dark and ordinary….just a baby girl…no magic…nothing extraordinary.

But true magic was her youngest sister…Janice…the cutest baby with the most adorable dimples and huge melt your heart brown eyes.

Looking at the baby, suddenly words started forming in her mind and joining together, they created magic….A poem…..a perfectly magical poem

The words arrived….tumbling over each other…from some unknown place…. forming new sentences… ….creating a picture…as perfect in her mind as her little sister!

The words flowed on and on and continue flowing till today, bringing with them admiration and applause.

Yes, that day I  discovered my own magic, the magic of writing!

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