I sat at the dining table, tut tutting to myself as I read the papers. What was wrong with the world? Murder, rape, terrorism, political agendas!Why couldn’t people just be good and calm and…

My thoughts were interrupted by Boots my cat” Woman! Will you stop fidgeting so much. I am trying to sleep here. And what’s with the muttering.”

“How can you sleep when the world is falling apart!” I asked aghast.

“The world is falling apart, did you say? And how have you come up with that  theory?” he looked at me sceptically.

“It’s right here in the newspapers!”I said indignantly. How dare he imply that I was making things up! Cat’s I tell you!

For the hundredth time I wondered why I had not adopted a dog instead of a cat.A dog who would think the world of me and believe every word I said. A dog who would worship the ground I walked on.

Instead here I was stuck with a know it all feline.Forget about a little adoration, getting a little respect was a long shot.Now he continued, ” Is there something different in today’s newspaper? Something that was not there all these days and weeks and months and years?”

“Nno”, I stammered, “just the same horrible news every day.”

“And if this news has been repeating itself for decades and centuries, why has the earth not got destroyed yet? We are still around, right?”He gave a mighty yawn,” And unless you are going to do something about all the things that are upsetting you so much, I suggest you stop reading that silly paper. Don’t you have better things to do? Look at me. I read no paper. Don’t worry about nothing either.  Go take a nap for God’s sake woman,  and let me sleep in peace!”

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019’

Image of cat byironiemix on Pixabay

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