The age of big miracles is past

No more does God part the sea.

No more does he carry a mountain

on his little finger

No more does he raise people from the dead

No more does he spring out of a pillar

to save his devotee.

 There are no more miracles today.

Or are there?

And maybe

 God has no smart phone and no FB account

No Instagram and no Snapchat

So his miracles don’t go viral anymore

And maybe it is too much of trouble

 to create such grand gestures

which no one will notice

Maybe he gives us byte size miracles:

A tiny plant pushing its way through the cracks

The smile of a baby

The butterfly that sits on you

The friend that messages you

just when you need someone to howl to.

Yes, Miracles do happen

It’s just that they have changed their form.

‘I’m Writing Bravely for the Write Tribe Festival of Words – March 2019′

Sunita festival of words

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  1. I recollected a poem that I learnt as a child. It goes like this..Little drops of water, little drops of sand, make the great big ocean and the lovely land.
    The little things when put together have the mighty power. The everyday miracles which we have stopped noticing actually make up what we have with us, the greatest miracle in entire universe…”Life” and “being alive”.
    Concise and powerful post Sunita

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