What do you have to look forward to in life when you are 72? Not much, one would assume. But not Walter Salvadore Pereira.


My brother-in-law, Walter Salvadore Pereira, has at the age of 72, published his first book, ‘This Nightmare Is For Real.’  Walter is my brother-in-law and I am, at the moment, terribly jealous of the fact that he has done what I have been planning to do for so many years, and at the same time tremendously proud of him for following his dream.

Walter has always been passionate about reading and writing and it has been his deepest desire to, one day, author a book.  But as they say, life came in the way. Adulthood with its responsibilities in the form of a demanding job and being a husband and father made him put his dream on the back burner.

It was his grand-daughter, Riya, who awakened his dream with her insisting that Grandpa should tell her new stories.  And along with the stories he created for Riya, he also wrote, ‘This Nightmare Is For Real, an easy to read thriller.  Here is the amazon.in affiliate link for it: http://amzn.to/1PIirRP

I have read the book and here is my unbiased review of it.

This Nightmare is for Real

 The story: The hero, (or should I say the superhero?), Dr.Shivendra Sharma, a world renowned molecular biologist has invented a serum which gives him superpowers. Naturally, the entire underworld is out to get the secret serum.

Dr. Shivendra is being forced to choose between keeping his secret and saving the lives of those dear to him. As events unfurl, the reader is kept in suspense about what he will do next. Will love win or will responsibility?

What I liked: It is a quick paced book which keeps you wanting to know what happens next. Walter’s English is extremely good and makes for easy reading. The story takes place in India, so it is easy to relate to places and events.

Who will like the book:  This book is ideal for youth and young adults alike who would like a quick read that is not too heavy on jargon. It is also an excellent book for those starting out on the journey of reading English books.

What could be better: Hard core readers who are into serious reading may find it a little light and frivolous. The characters could have been developed a bit more so that the reader gets to know them better. Also, the Hindi dialogues written in English could have been better.

Overall:  A pretty interesting book. Well written for a first novel. It will keep you wanting to turn the pages to get to the end.

So just click on the link and order a copy for yourself. http://amzn.to/1PIirRP

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